From Advertising Jingles to Indie-Rock Anthems – A Musician’s Journey.

Meet André Nault, the talented singer-songwriter from Gatineau, Quebec in Canada.  He’s been making waves in the music industry since he was a child, gracing countless stages across Canada and even landing features on ICI Musique before taking a brief hiatus from performing. But he bounced back in a big way in 2012 when he composed a series of advertising jingles that were snapped up by a Los Angeles company for use in car commercials.

In 2013, Nault founded the band Stand Up and Say No, where he single-handedly composed all the melodies and lyrics, as well as performed, recorded and mixed all the music.  This led to the release of three albums (Stand Up and Say No, The Hour Grows Darker, and Daily Reminders), and multiple singles. But in 2020, amid the lockdowns and personal challenges of the pandemic, Nault took it upon himself to revive his love for writing in French. The result was Carré Mammouth, a refreshing and socially conscious rock music project with indie-rock and alternative influences. The debut single, Tout est stable, not only won over fans but also caught the attention of Radio Énergie, securing a spot on their top ten list.

In recognition of the importance of being mindful and respectful in his work, Nault decided to retire the name Stand Up and Say No. He will release his upcoming album in 2023 under the new moniker, Informal Go. With Nault’s proven talent and continued growth as a musician, his new album is sure to be a standout release.