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New release from Stand Up and Say No

“The Cold Couldn’t Reach Us”

Available January 18, 2019. Automatically add this release to your Spotify library when it drops.


Somewhere within each of us is the urge to go against the norms of everyday life. Rock n’ roll is what happens when some of us give in to that urge. Its very lifeblood is, and always has been, the desire to rebel. Andre Nault, the creative force behind Ottawa’s Stand Up and Say No, knows this feeling. Nault’s rebellion is, within the context of modern music, refreshingly unique: he is both enthusiastically committed to his music and passionately devoted to his family.

Upon hearing Stand Up and Say No’s music one hears influences from 60’s garage rock as well as 80’s post-punk aesthetics: there is a plethora of driving guitars and catchy melodies, as well as just enough swing to win over those inclined to dance. However, unlike those purveyors of fashion, grit and sex appeal who made their name in part by living the fast life, Nault is essentially a one-man songwriting machine who is focused on family, stability and the realization that those things will always matter most.